Green Lantern

“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let all who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!”-Hal Jordan. The green represents the power of Will which eventually defeats the yellow power of Fear. Yes, you got me. I netflixed and chilled on some Green Lantern power last night.…Read more »


Have you planned a wedding before? Yes? Now you are my idol. Please accept my respect. I think this is the perfect time to admit that money CAN buy happiness, in some way. Don’t I just wish that my fiance is a secret billionaire or I won the lottery. My patience for waiting my money…Read more »


Have you ever felt inadequate? No? Good for you. And stop lying to me, I can’t even hear you. Feeling inadequate is a common (hashtag) mood in today’s society. Social media is doing such a great job shoving everyone else’s beautiful faces and luxury vacations in our faces on a minute by minute bases. Almost…Read more »


For some reason, my bone hurts. More specifically speaking, one middle section of my spine hurts. It has been hurting for a while and no amount of Yoga or harsh stretching helps. I started to feel hard to fall asleep unless I listen to some humming meditation music together with swallowing some Advil. After several…Read more »


It is a day in between “the dead yesterdays” and “the unborn tomorrows”. It is the day that actually matters. It is the day that can make changes and create new possibilities. It is also the day that some of us, me for example, frequently ignored after drowning in the past guilt and anxiety towards…Read more »

Rainy Day

Do you like rainy days? How do you feel when you see raindrops rolling down your window? You can feel sad about the gloomy sky or enjoy the cool clean air mixed with the smell of fresh grass and mud. You have all the power to choose how the rain is going to affect your…Read more »

Embrace Your Chaos

I read so many articles and books about finding my inner peace, which I always failed to accomplish. It sounds crazy if I cannot find 10 mins of my day to sit still and focus on my breathing, inhale and exhale. I mean I can do that for 10 mins just that my inner peace…Read more »