Therapy III

I start to think that there is some magical chemical in the air of Jen’s office. More than half of the things I said on her couch were buried so deep in my mind that I didn’t even know they were there. “I want a dark hole to go hide in.” I found myself lashing…Read more »

The Sound of Silence

I don’t know why I am so triggered by this comic. I can just sense the desperation behind each party’s waving hands. Is my depression kicking in again? I feel it knocking on the door. It will be another few weeks of darkness before I can catch a breath again sinking into the gloomy ocean…Read more »

Me Time

Have you ever had that feeling like after a weekend at home you felt somehow even more exhausted than before? That you did everything to fulfill the needs of everyone else in the family but your own? That you want to call in a “sick day” at work to have some “me time”? No? That’s…Read more »