Once upon a time, a person thought:”How brilliant would it be if we install a giant chandelier under a bridge!” Then a group of people clapped and cheered about this gorgeous idea about adding this luxurious art to the city. Then $4.8 million dollars later, here we have it: the chandelier under a bridge.

When we first drove past this ridiculous sight, our basic brains could not comprehend what we were perceiving. Its like the million dollar two bedrooms around it are just not enough to express how wealthy we can be. The piles of sailboats crammed in the harbor near these high-rises, blocking the waves and tides. This chandelier definitely did its job for pushing this lifestyle to another level. I am very small, standing here under the bridge. With my salary, I could probably afford a window here. Looking around, people behind these ocean view windows must be having a very happy life, right? All the sail boats and caviar. When can I afford a life like this? Or, do I really want to?

Standing on these busy streets, cars honking and rushing past me, I am lost in this steel and concrete forest. I suddenly found myself missing home, my tiny backyard, my night walk to the little pond nearby, and even my little messy closet.

We all want different things in life. The chandelier under the bridge existed for a reason. It reflects a crave, a need at least at some point. And maybe I have been craving for this luxury; maybe I feel small and incompetent because my inability to afford this view; maybe the chandelier represents a different social class, the class that is too above there for me to understand. I might just simply be too basic to accept “high-fancy”.

Fortunately, I am happy with what I have.

Bye, chandelier. It has been nice running into you. Please continue to bringing light into people lost in the dark, under the bridge.

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