When was the last time that you took a shower?

No, I mean really taking a shower and just taking a shower. Not standing in the water reminiscing on some arguments you had with your high school boyfriend; or judging your belly fat because the half bag of Doritos you inhaled last night is still being digested; or for some strange reason rehearsing your speech to the manager for your next promotion. I just caught myself doing all of the above 15 minutes into the shower.

Then I really started to shower, for the last 3 minutes of it at least. I was finally here, at the present. I can feel the water running down my skin; the warmth of the water was washing my headache away. I started to appreciate this clean running water that I can have access to, whenever I want. I am no longer feeling hot and agitated. Water soothes me.

I was told that people spend 47% of their time lost in their thought. Let me say that again: 47% of their time. That is almost half of their life! The modern day life provided us with so many options and possibilities; yet most of us are so ill-equipped to handle it. We say we are driving to work but we don’t remember how we got there. We say we are playing with our kids but Twitter/Instagram/Facebook never stopped their notifications in our hands. Even when we are watching TV, sometimes we are also playing a mindless game while WATCHING TV! It is quite scary actually, when you finally caught yourself in the moment. A huge chunk of our lives have already passed by when we are “lost in thoughts”.

Mindfulness is being present in the moment without judgement.

So, when was the last time that you took a shower?

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