Therapy IV

“Jen, what’s wrong with me? Honestly, I am so tired of all these things. I am tired of talking about it, thinking about it, confused by it and drained by whatever this is.” Before heading into my therapist’s office, I didn’t even know whether I should still go through with it. What’s the point anyway?…Read more »


I must have gained 20 lbs in the past few weeks. I am also too chicken to stand on a scale to verify the actual figure. As soon as the temperature drops below zero, and the Sun is only available during business hours (the exact hours when I am locked in the downtown glass building…Read more »

Back On Track

It’s funny how my mind can be at its quietest moment in a noisy little coffee shop. If you pay attention, you can hear the symphony of espresso machine buzzing, glassware being struck by metal spoons, people laughing and chatting over the background music and the occasional car engine “vrooming” on the street outside. Yet,…Read more »

Run Away

How many of you had or are having the thought of running away? Away from these chains, responsibilities, away from the boring repetitive routines? Or even away from society where you can see injustice or crazy people everywhere? If you have, then where are you running to? A deserted Island with wifi and unlimited supplies…Read more »


Disclaimer: To all my alcoholic readers, you are still loved but this article might trigger you to some extent. So please proceed reading with caution. Also, excessive drinking is bad, very bad for your health. Please drink responsibly. Ok. Alcohol saved my sanity yesterday. The fuzzy peach Schnapps with vodka shooter was especially deeeeeelicious. I…Read more »


My thoughts were clustered; words became gibberish; I could feel my heart beats in my throat and I kept on gasping for air but the suffocation wasn’t going away. I put on a smile, a flowy blue dress, a bright shade of lipstick and a pair of 7 inch heels. My fearless looking armor hid…Read more »

Have a nice day!

Hey you. How’s your sanity doing today? Before jumping on to your task of saving the world, did you remember to breath? The scent of cool morning air, mixed with a drop of subtle sunshine and grass, is a good reminder that we are lucky to have today. Did you take a big gulp of…Read more »