Fear of Traveling

As soon as I dipped my toes in the pool, with a chilling glass of champagne in one hand and a chocolate covered strawberry in another, I knew this was all worth it.

A month before this moment, J booked our flights. “United? We are going to be flying with United?!” Not surprisingly, I started to panic seeing that we were booked with the airline well-known for its over-booking habits and tendency to throw innocent passengers off the plane last minute. “It is a great deal.” J always had his simple yet undebatable logic. The flights were non-refundable, therefore, there was nothing I can do about the fact that we would be flying with United. Moving on.

I was soon consumed by other fears. “You are going to Mexico in September?!” A coworker said with a “Are-you-freaking-kidding-me” face, “It’s hurricane season! Oh and the sea weeds will make the beach inaccessible and you will be smelling like fish all day.” Well, thanks Debbie (Downer). A quick google research unfortunately confirmed the Hurricane/Seaweed problem of traveling to Mexico in September. Plus the search engine proactively provided me a handful of news reports on “Travelers’ suspicious death soon after returning from Mexican resorts”. Not helping here Google! I was on the verge of cancelling this trip when J said “Well, we won’t be spending a lot of time outside anyway” with a winky smiley face. Ok, FINE.

I tried not to think too much about this trip till the night before our flight. I checked our luggage 7 times to make sure that we have all the essentials: passports, credit cards, phones, chargers, some USD and Peso, a full bags of drugs that covers from fever to diarrhea, swim suits and some change of cloths. At midnight, 6 hours before our flight, we received an email notification from United saying our first flight was delayed for 8 hours. EIGHT HOURS!!! Meaning: we will miss our connecting flight to Mexico and we are now screwed and I TOLD YOU SO ABOUT UNITED!

After panicking for 15 minutes and thinking if this was a sign from travel god that we should avoid this trip, I called the 1800 number for United customer service. The agent has a very understanding and calming voice and she efficiently solved the problem by changing our first flight to Houston to a flight to Denver then Houston…then Mexico. As exhausting as it sound, at least we will be arriving in Mexico at our initial scheduled time. Luckily, all of our flights with United were on time and the services were great. I conquered my fear of flying by watching Spiderman and Shazam movie on board, which totally distracted me to a different world.

Then we were there, in sunshine Mexico Amigos! 30 degrees, sunshine, white sand beach, endless Pina Coladas and amazing food, we loved it. In the end, there was no rain or even wind. Lesson of today? I mean, fear is normal. But can I control the weather in Mexico? No. Can I fly a plane better than those United airline pilots? Absolutely not. Do I deserve a blue sky holiday? Hell yeah! Then I should just leave those uncontrollable factors behind. Who knows? It might be amazing!

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