Back On Track

It’s funny how my mind can be at its quietest moment in a noisy little coffee shop. If you pay attention, you can hear the symphony of espresso machine buzzing, glassware being struck by metal spoons, people laughing and chatting over the background music and the occasional car engine “vrooming” on the street outside. Yet, I felt completely at peace sitting here, admiring the beautiful rays of sunshine sipping through the windows.

My mind took me to a similar coffee shop at a corner of busy street in Paris. They like to arrange these seats outside of the shop facing the road, not facing each other, but both towards the road. I guess people watching over coffee is a favored activity in this romantic city. Have you tried that before? Sitting on the street with a cup of coffee in your hand, you just watch people and cars passing by, maybe chat with your friend here and there. No Instagram, no twitter, no emails or Whatsapp, just you in the moment. Would you enjoy a moment like that?

It seems like life is constantly pushing you to move forward (or backwards sometimes). Cars are piling up on the busy roads and everyone is rushing to somewhere. At times, we have this never ending crave to get more “stuff”, whether it is money, fame, status or other needs. Recently, I found myself being possessed by the desire of getting rich. I blame this on watching a Vlog showing how a Youtuber who went from living with her parents, to buying a gorgeous mansion with a pool in LA, in a short 2 years of making Youtube videos of her eating food. I still didn’t figure out a way to get there. And I got frustrated for comparing myself with this 20 year-old girl who never attended college. How many times have you thought about quitting your 9-to-5 and doing something bold or creative instead? Every Monday morning when your alarm rings at 6 AM maybe?

All my self-loathing and feeling of lost and despair magically disappeared at this moment. I found myself appreciating the warmth from the sunshine, the sweetness from the whip cream, and the purity of this moment that I can just sit here, not running anywhere, not really have to accomplish anything, and simply watching the world as it is. Surprisingly, I felt happy. My advice of the day? When we are lost in our hot-pursue of fulfilling our desires, take a moment and pause. Find your own little corner and just people-watching or find your lovely trail and go for a run, if that is your thing. Or maybe just indulge a super creamy piece of cake without worrying about calories for once. Then we get back on track, hopefully with clearer visions on where we are actually heading to.

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