Have a nice day!

Hey you. How’s your sanity doing today?

Before jumping on to your task of saving the world, did you remember to breath? The scent of cool morning air, mixed with a drop of subtle sunshine and grass, is a good reminder that we are lucky to have today. Did you take a big gulp of water and feel it flowing down your throat? It activates your organs in a comforting way. Did you tell yourself that you are awesome? Please remember that you are loved and you have something to contribute to make this world a better place.

Credit to the creator of this cute box guy from the world wide web

Despite my depression, I do believe in Law of Attraction. When I have positive vibes, more positive people and events pop up around me. Because people are naturally drawn to happiness and other beautiful things. To use a simple analogy here, when I see someone devouring a donut in a passionate way, I would crave for a donut! If I spend my day with a big smile and a simple belief of appreciation, people around me become somehow more tolerable too. By “tolerable”, I meant to say “nice”, cough cough. Nicer. In a way, you can “think” your way to reality. See? You have super powers. When I “think” that I am a writer, I made all my effort to be one and I can suddenly squeeze time out of no time to write. If you think you can be a happy person, then you will make that a priority to make it happen. My dear, we are a mysterious kind of creature and our big brains are one of the reasons that we survived all these years on earth. Just like how we can think our way to troubles, we CAN create the reality that we wanted, by first believing it.

I would like to believe that today is a wonderful day. How about you?

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