The Sound of Silence

I don’t know why I am so triggered by this comic. I can just sense the desperation behind each party’s waving hands. Is my depression kicking in again? I feel it knocking on the door. It will be another few weeks of darkness before I can catch a breath again sinking into the gloomy ocean…Read more »


Have you ever felt inadequate? No? Good for you. And stop lying to me, I can’t even hear you. Feeling inadequate is a common (hashtag) mood in today’s society. Social media is doing such a great job shoving everyone else’s beautiful faces and luxury vacations in our faces on a minute by minute bases. Almost…Read more »

Rainy Day

Do you like rainy days? How do you feel when you see raindrops rolling down your window? You can feel sad about the gloomy sky or enjoy the cool clean air mixed with the smell of fresh grass and mud. You have all the power to choose how the rain is going to affect your…Read more »

Have a nice day!

Hey you. How’s your sanity doing today? Before jumping on to your task of saving the world, did you remember to breath? The scent of cool morning air, mixed with a drop of subtle sunshine and grass, is a good reminder that we are lucky to have today. Did you take a big gulp of…Read more »