Yet another day.

No matter how much mental struggle that I went through yesterday; how intense was my nightmares; or how impossible everything seemed like; yet now I am living another day.

My brand new induction cook top have some fancy LED sensors that supposed to reflect the intensity of heat by different length of the light bar. However, it started to act up since day 2, either not lighting up or not turning off. It does not really affect me from cooking but more of a nuisance and this annoyance to have this problem so early on. The customer service reps couldn’t really offer any advice but to unplug the entire equipment and restart again. Like most tech support desk, such as internet or cell phone companies, the best advice they offer is normally to unplug the darn thing. And it worked again.

I feel like my brain or mind is like that oven sometimes. Rather than being upset about how it didn’t function normally as it should be, maybe all I need is to unplug for a few minutes. Shut down all the noise, stop the swirling thoughts, just be still for a few minutes before rebooting my “system”. If it works for a computer, it might really help for my brain.

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