Have you ever felt inadequate? No? Good for you. And stop lying to me, I can’t even hear you.

Feeling inadequate is a common (hashtag) mood in today’s society. Social media is doing such a great job shoving everyone else’s beautiful faces and luxury vacations in our faces on a minute by minute bases. Almost every new idea you come up with, there is a YouTube channel on that subject already. Me, for instance, have always wanting to be a motivational speaker. “You have sparkles in your eyes!” whenever I tried to motivate or help others to find their dreams. I enjoy that feeling of spreading eye sparkles, you know, from mine to yours. It is a very fulfilling and rewarding feeling. But there are thousands of self-help books in the store and hundreds of very successful gurus of every style in the world at the moment. What makes me different? How can I ever make myself feeling adequate enough to do this job?

I am using me as an example. However, it is the same doubt for a lot of people before they start their journey to success. You want to be a musician? A writer? A hockey player? A scientist? A fashion designer? A sushi chef? Any dream that you might have, chances are, someone has already done it, probably even outstandingly. But so what? Why would that stop you from creating your version of success in that same genre? The world needs more awesome sushi chefs ok?

Say you want to be a comedian. And surprise! Your family think that is a joke. Ha ha. Not funny. You don’t feel adequate enough to be a Kevin Hart or Ellen DeGeneres. But you just can’t ease that urge in your belly to chase this passion of spreading happiness. What do you do? To me, even if I can make one person LOL, I am successful. I utilized my talent and I did my part to make this world a better place to be, even if it is just for that one person. So maybe you can try a free Podcast site to post your gigs. Maybe create a YouTube channel, maybe write down your jokes and post it online? Feeling more adventurous? Join a local talent show or perform an act at a friend’s party. Action is the only way to kick start your dream! You just have to do it!

It is normal to experience the feeling of inadequacy sometimes. And you might actually be inadequate to become THE BEST of something right off the back anyway. But you are responsible to answer that “calling” and put those passion into action, if that can help others.

Thanks to me, maybe there will be an amazing Sushi restaurant going to open in a street corner somewhere soon. And on behalf of all the future satisfied taste-buds, I thank the chef for reading my article today and decided to take an action.

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