Be Careful What You Wish For

One normal day in January, I heated my lunch in the microwave and sat down at the table in our office lunch room. Two of the new hires walked in as well. For the past 2 months or so, our office on boarded 7 newbies and I was assigned to train 5 of them, one by one. By lunchtime, I was already exhausted from talking non-stop, trying to explain every step of my daily routines to the trainees. “Why me?” I secretly complaint every morning when I saw another eager-to-learn smiley face waiting in my cubicle as I walked into work. Yes, why me? I should know the answer but I just forgot. I asked for it. Year after year, I told my managers loud and clear that I LOVE training. My career passion is to be in human resources specializing in training and development. I proudly repeat my desire to train new employees because I love the interactions and I am good at teaching. Well, now I have it but I am not enjoying it as much as I thought.

As we were having lunch, I said:”I don’t understand why they won’t allow us to work from home. I mean, at least have that option to.” My job is mostly administrative. So I sat around my desk all day at work facing my two monitors. In the ideal world, I feel like I should only need to come in the office maybe once or twice a week, to submit original paperwork, do the necessary faxing and mailing. This way, I can save the commute time, expensive parking fee downtown and also be less stressful on PD days or running around for other kids related activities. But after a year nagging at my manager, I only got different excuses on why I cannot be approved of having the remote access.

And then there comes COVID-19. Now we are all asked to work from home. Everyone at work is approved of remote access within a week. After working in my pajamas for two weeks, I should be happy, right? I got what I wished for. Just like my trainer assignment at work, everything comes with a price. I miss my friends at work, all the small bickering in the lunch room, even my lovely sarcastic manager. I miss all of it. Yes, working from home saves a lot of time and extra expenses but probably not under this unfortunate circumstances.

Not many people can accept the suggestion that our mind can influence our reality, or law of attraction. But one thing we can all agree with, that we are creators of our lives at least to some degree, whether intentionally or not. We really need to be careful of what we are wishing for. Are we even ready when it comes true? Take my friend for example, Joy, who is always complaining about not having a husband. I asked her the other night, “If your future husband shows up at your door tomorrow, are you ready to take care of that relationship or even accept him?”

Now we are “forced” to spend a lot of quality time with our family and also probably sitting quietly with our deepest anxieties and fear. Are we appreciating this opportunity for noticing what we have? We are all in this together. Love you all.

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