It is a dream job for kids born in the 2000s. Technically speaking, anyone with a phone or camera can become a Youtuber. People make videos on playing video games, eating food, or pranking others; literally anything is possible. And the reward is certainly attractive. In 2015, the top Youtuber PewDiePie made a gross earning of $12 million. Let me rephrase this: he made TWELVE FREAKING MILLION DOLLARS that year for playing video games all day. Based on the website, the channels with 1 Million subscribers can make $36,000 per week just from AdSense if each subscriber can watch 2 new videos per week. I mean I was watching at least 5 new videos of my subscribed Mukbang channel a week; how much money are they making from me?

Youtubers can make some regular people’s Annual Salary in a week! Simply by doing the things that they love to do in the first place! How many of you already starting to draft your resignation email to become a Youtuber at this point? I definitely considered it, a few times. But the truth is, a lot of Youtubers suffer from serious mental health issues due to the very nature of this career. Well, the celebrity effect put you in the public eyes. People can not only judge your video content but also anything else about you. Last week, one of the girls that I follow on Youtube uploaded a 40 minutes video to address a rumor. She was always happy and sweet in her videos. And her contents were very simple too: just eat, eat a lot of food. She accumulated over millions of subscribers watching her eat everyday. However, a so-called “high school classmate” exposed her online saying how she was not a good student in school and being a bully etc. She looked so devasticated by this incident. She explained to her fans how she dropped out of high school due to mental health issues and she was the victim of the bullying. I mean, I don’t really know about the truth here and honestly speaking, I don’t really care. Her happy-eating brings me joy during my diet dark days. That’s all it matters. Now due to her mental condition, she is forced to stop publishing videos till she gets better. In addition, you are now living for the “likes” and “views”. You sort of have to people-please in order to increase your income. Another Youtuber who has over 9 million subscribers across channels said in his video last week that he became so depressed and anxious for trying to make the contents people like. He said this character that he is playing on screen, funny and crazy, is only 10% of him but he has been hiding this 90% of real personality. That put a toll on his mental health as well.

So kids, if you think being a Youtuber equals to easy money, please think again. Just like any other jobs, you have skills to develop and effort to make. We all know that Internet bullies are cowards but they do exist. We also need to understand that no matter how delicious piece of a cake we are, there are still people who hate cakes. So be a strong piece of cake! For the people who truly understand you, they know how amazing you are.

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