For some reason, my bone hurts. More specifically speaking, one middle section of my spine hurts. It has been hurting for a while and no amount of Yoga or harsh stretching helps. I started to feel hard to fall asleep unless I listen to some humming meditation music together with swallowing some Advil.

After several weeks of procrastination, I finally made my way to a Chiropractor for my fifteen minutes adjustment. It’s funny how parents can put everything else aside, even take time off work, to care for their kids, say for a minor cold. But when it comes to self care, some of us tend to postpone things till it became an absolute MUST. I was proud of myself, standing in front of the Chiro’s clinic. I opened the door, a wave of high pitched baby crying slapped me in the face. A mom holding the screaming baby and another 7 or 8 year old boy was walking around waiting for their adjustment. It was a full room and everyone was looking at this crying baby with sympathy and slight annoyance. The mom was doing everything she could trying to distract the baby’s attention: “Oh, look! What’s this photo on the wall?” “Hey, see this book here?” Nothing seemed to work. When they were walking pass me, I asked:” Hi little guy! What’s wrong?” The baby didn’t really react at all. He continued his screaming and crying. The mom signed and said:”Life. Life is what’s wrong.”

Life. How’s your life treating you lately? Do you think about life sometimes? What’s the things in your mind when you do think about life? It is such a simple yet complicated word with so many layers of meaning to it.

Life is an experience. It is a story that you have been writing everyday. From time to time, I am still confused by what my life purpose is, other than caring for my son and being the good daughter to make my parents proud. Can I maybe help someone else to feel less alone? Or even encourage a reader to pursue for his/her dream through my articles?

One thing I know for sure is that you are the creator of your life story. And everyday can be a new chapter. Continue writing my friend. You and me both have a lot more exciting chapters to fill.

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