20 20

“Twenty years” sounds so long. Yes, I am having one of those senior moments before making my new year resolution.

Twenty years ago, I just entered junior high. My parents gave me a silver Discman, replacing my Walkman, and a purple little Nokia phone. Time was moving slower back then as I remembered. I spent over an hour on the bus each day commuting between home and school, listening to that one CD in the Discman. I needed to press “9” four times in order to type “Z”. I had a notebook to write done all the meaningless text messages from my crush before they got erased by the system. My phone could probably only store 100 messages back then. So every new messages coming in would erase an oldest text automatically. There was no hashtags or Instagram for us teenagers to follow. I used to have fun reading the same novels over and over again, or taking the double-Decker bus with friends to downtown, or walking in a park. Life was slower and much simpler compare to today.

Twenty years just flew by in a blur. How many twenty years do we have in a lifetime? What would we be like in another 20 years? We used to think that robots and flying cars would be ruling the world in 2020. Instead, we got Roblox and…baby Yoda meme.

Time would never pause for a second for us to catch up. Every minute that we spent reminiscing is a minute wasted for creating some new memories. Forward is only direction we could go and the present moment is the only time we are actually living in. After spending the past twenty years rushing to become an adult, to get things, to obtain approvals, to find my purpose, to avoid pain, I am done running. I want to savor every moment from now on. I want to be here, and now. I want to enjoy being the only person I could be, me.

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