Inner Peace


We were born with inner peace. I used to be fascinated by the forever changing clouds and would lay on the grass staring at the sky for hours. With the help of a silky bed sheet as cape and a chopstick as wond, I can be any powerful fairy imaginable. I used to be happy or sad, but in the moment; when the moment past, it past. Nowadays, I need yoga, meditation and guided hypnosis in attempts to bring me back to NOW. At some point during the adulting process, I lost the power of inner peace.

Credit: Kung Fu Panda

Here is the thing: every day, even every minute, is a new opportunity. Theoretically, I have infinite amount of new chances to create or amend the future that I want. The superpower is basically to “let go” and “move on”. The past can’t hurt me anymore without my permission. And I don’t need a psychic to tell me about the future either since there are a million versions of it.

“Is he my Mr.Right?” “Well, for now he is and we will find out in the future.” “What if he is not the right person?” “We will look for a different person at that time.” “Which career path should I pick?” “Which one excites you more?”…

Just as the song said:”Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be.” Breath, just take care of today. And today is all that matters.

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