9 to 5

Two more hours to home time. Tick tock. One more day till the weekend. Tick tock. Just another cup of coffee to keep me awake. Let’s refresh the mailbox again to see if there is any new email popping up. Tick tock, tick tock.

How much life and creativity is wasted in this 9 to 5 cubicle? I wonder. Will I be better or worse stepping out of this comfort zone of biweekly salary? The corporations require you to finish your 4 hour job in an 8 hour shift. What can you do? Why are you spending 5 days to look forward to the 2 day weekend? Hmmm, do you feel stuck? Or is this just another urban millennial style whining myth?

People say, hustle on your passion from 6pm-12am till you can afford to make that your 9 to 5. Sounds simple enough? Well, you first need to be clear what your passion is. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that blood-boiling drive early on in their life. We are just a bunch of lost souls floating in the deep void surrounded by office walls and computer screens. After you find your passion, then you need dedication, persistence and resilience. That’s why we keep on buying sarcastic mugs or motivational books in the meantime, you know, to hopefully fuel our dream, to take that leap, maybe, one day.

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