Have you planned a wedding before? Yes? Now you are my idol. Please accept my respect.

I think this is the perfect time to admit that money CAN buy happiness, in some way. Don’t I just wish that my fiance is a secret billionaire or I won the lottery. My patience for waiting my money to grow is as slim as my willpower to visit the gym. I used to believe that wedding is a scam. It is more of a show that we pay to put on for others than a celebration of unity. On average of $20000 to $50000 spent on one evening, it is hard to not panic about it at least to some degrees. Why not just use the money to go travel? Who cares about the fancy dress or the napkin colors? But after attending a few of my friends wedding, and saw so many happy tears at the ceremony, I started to understand (and desire) this whole wedding thing.

It provided an opportunity for all your family and friends, people you care about, to gather around you and witness this important moment of your life. It marks a beginning of a different life stage for you and the ceremony formalizes the relationship that we call marriage. I think it is as important as a birthday cake. You officially take a moment to appreciate love, reflect on the progress, and make your wishes or create hope for tomorrow. We too often take people or things for granted and that is the same for your partner. The years of relationship, mundane routines, might just come down to a blur of chores. On the wedding day, however, you have another chance to look at your partner in the eyes and appreciate the loving memories.

But planning a wedding on the other hand!!!! Is A B***H!!! Excuse my honesty.

So I finally found a wedding dress that fits my budget but also somehow (magically) compliments my non-existent waistline. Oh, now you need to find a good (and affordable) seamstress to alter the hems! I never even know what a hem is till this point of my life. I have also learned that the venue will not automatically turn the room into Pinterest photo settings. Apparently, I am supposed to buy or rent all the colorful napkins and chair ties and backdrops and even maybe plates? And that is on top of hiring a florist. A photographer. (If you want it videotaped? Be prepared to pay extra.) How do you decorate your favor table? The sign in table? What brand of sparkling wine are you serving? And the list goes on.

No matter how stressful it is, I just have to remind myself: this is a celebration of us. We are only to spend the amount of money that we are comfortable with. And the goal is not to make a perfect wedding but a memorable one. Something will go wrong and someone might not be fully satisfied about the meal. It will happen and let it happen. This day is for us and we have to celebrate every second of it with appreciation and love in heart.

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