Road Rage

Do you get mad driving on the road? Like mad enough to curse and honk or even fly out the finger to the next lane driver? Do you suddenly feel like Thanos is relatable for wanting to wipe out half of the population on the planet, especially the bad drivers? Well, you need to calm down.

Oh I know, I get even more agitated if people tell me to calm down too. And I loathe driving in heavy traffic, which is twice a day and five days a week for us corporate minions. There are those people that like to drive under max. speed limit in the passing lane (far left lane) and hoard the entire lane for the whole way. There are also those who have to merge in front of you like some kind of emergency then suddenly reduce to turtle speed because they are chatting on the phone (which deserves a ticket). Oh and those who block the entire road at a green light so he can roll down his window, extend his head and a hand out, and scream and yell about how entitled he is to the road. Yes, I have to admit that we are living in a society that sometimes, we are shoved in the face with frustration. It is completely normal for you to get a little worked up about it too. But, don’t let the anger take over you. As an old saying stated, never let other people’s mistake punish you. If you decide that your day or evening is ruined because of this bad driver, or even worse, start to drive like a maniac so that you can get revenge to the bad driver? Then you choose to become the villain in this otherwise minor inconvenience.

In most situations, we are limited to our own views towards the world. That’s just how our brains are wired. We don’t know if the indecisive drivers might be actually new in town and feeling stressed out about where to turn next; or someone just had a really awful week and the emotions affected their driving skills temporarily; or maybe we are just being too judgemental on other drivers because we don’t want to get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and now we are running late to work. Whatever the reason is, the fact is that we all need to share the roads. Don’t let your inner Psyduck explode. Breathe, big inhale and exhale, then drive away, get to your destination safely. That was the goal when you stepped into your car in the first place, not to fight with some other meaningless strangers on the road. If you look around, the sky is still blue and your day can still be beautiful. It is all your decision. Smile and be a better person.

A note to self, and maybe, a note to you. 🙂

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