Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of Coffee.

–from Google search for coffee quotes.

Who needs coffee, raise your hand?

Have you ever wondered when this all started? Like since when do we NEED coffee to not be grumpy and hysterical in the morning? It is like a socially acceptable drug in a mug, sometimes disguised underneath heavy cream and caramel, to make us functional human beings after another night of irresponsible, or unavoidable lack of sleep. Even one of my son’s books “Captain Underpants” has a paragraph describing their teachers, AKA the adults, as mindless zombies before coffee.

See, I want to join the 5am club and be one of those Lululemon moms running energetically in the morning. I know that the fresh air and exercise is way better than bitter coffee with 3 spoonful of sugar. I might live a longer, more fulfilling life if I switch my morning routine now. And trust me, I tried, many many times. But at some point in life, you just have to admit that that’s not your style. I got really angry when my alarm kicked off at 5am. I forced myself to get out of bed, feeling cold and miserable, and ended up sitting on the toilet for more than 20 minutes. Now think of it, I might have been taken a nap on it. Then I hate my life for another 10 minutes till my weak will power pushed my lazy butt onto the treadmill. And then, after all the sweat, I was charged! I felt amazing about myself for conquering my negativity. I was on the top of the mountain feeling strong and beautiful. Yes, I loved that feeling, till 2pm. Then I fought to keep my eyes open at work, coffee can’t even save me at this point. I was too far gone. All I can think about was all the chores waiting for me at home and I won’t be able to touch my bed till 11pm…Life was just dark after that.

I have a long history with coffee. It started when I was 6 years old. My mom always brought out a cup of hot instant NESCAFÉ for the beautiful piano teacher when she came over to give lessons. I would emerge myself in the wonderful scent of coffee for the hour long session. I mean coffee was not a thing in China back then. I believe that tea is our thing. But my mom was always super pioneer-y in this area of western culture. She made instant coffee really fancy in those fine elegant tea/coffee cups with matching plates, like in any royal tea parties. Who would know that 25 years later, this “royal activity” would evolve into me standing mindlessly in line at Tim Hortons waiting for my Double Double.

Let me end my rambling with another google coffee quote:”May your coffee be strong and Friday be short.” Love you.

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